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 As with everything in life there must be rules. Poker rules are no exception and are quite vast. This also depends on where you play... and who you are playing.

  So to get things started here are a few simple rules to follow when learning/playing Texas Hold'em:

1. The "House Rules" are always adhered to first and foremost. If you are unsure of the rules where you are playing ask to speak with the tournament manager or your host. Most often these rules will be posted...somewhere.

2. While at the table, and not in a hand, don't say a word.

3. Only the English language may be spoken at the table, unless everyone speaks and understands the language of choice.

4. Never reveal the cards you folded while the hand is still in session. This means verbally, muttered or facial expressions.

5. Never splash the pot. Meaning, never get carried away and throw your chips onto the table. If you want to throw off your opponent leisurely place your chips into the pot, they'll never know how to read you.

6. No profanity, yelling, fighting or other. Other being whatever the guy who owns the house says.

For more rules and your chance to play against friends, family or foes - register today and get your poker league started. Once registered, create or search and join a poker league in your area.

7. Never, and we mean never, touch another players chips or cards. This holds true even after the pot is won. You might think you are being friendly by helping someone sweep their chips to them, but some players find it unlucky for a losing player to touch their chips. They won 'em, they can fetch 'em. As well, when a player wins a pot where all other players fold, that player does not have to show their cards. DO NOT pick up the cards to see what he/she had! You will probably never be invited back

8. Never take your cards or chips off the table. This holds especially true when dealing. If you are the dealer, when the deck is not in use (waiting for a round of betting) place the cards on the table in front of you. As well, while dealing and removing cards from the top of the deck, pickup the card from the back (facing you) so that the players in front of you cannot see the card.

9. More on dealing (we call it "moron dealing"). When dealing the cards, take your time. Any attempt to perform card tricks or slicing the cards through the air normally flips cards over showing the rest of the table the card of another player. This tends to upset those people who are holding "Pocket Rockets".

10.The most important rule of all:
PAY ATTENTION TO THE TABLE. Others should not have to tell you to post your blinds or if someone else bet, checked or raised. Other players are attempting to play their hands and an attempt to utter a word might "TELL" another player if the person who answered you was nervous, confident, about to go all in, whatever. Pay attention to the game!

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