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POKER UTILITIES [ALL MEMBERS NOW PREMIER AND FREE - ENJOY!] Enjoy these free utilities as a member of Bluffspot Poker. Included is some of the finest custom programming for your poker game play - You must be a member and be logged int to use these free services.
Find Leagues Use this to find a league in your area. Simply type in the location and if there is a league in your area it will be listed. [Members Only Area]
Find Players Looking for players for your home poker league? Key in here and you'll soon have tons of player sot choose form. Simply send them an invitation to join your league and wait for a reply! [Members Only Area]
Sponsors This drop down is a list of paid sponsors making this poker league website free to all! Please Visit one of our sponsors to see what they have to offer. We don't just accept any sponsor - if it doesn't meet the needs of our members - what good is it to display them. We will ... maybe, add them into our links file (but these are all checked and hand picked. As well, as a member you can submit your link to be added to our links area. Inlude your link info and member name when responding - us the contact form.
Poker Dictionary One of the largest on-line poker dictionaries! Have something to include, drop us a line here
Poker Hand Ranks A collection of the most common hand ranks - never wonder if you were cheated again!
Common Poker Rules A collection of the "TOP 10" poker rules used in any home game. For the REALLY big list of poker rules you must be a member. Only League Managers may add or subtrtact from their league rules. Simply check which rule(s) you want to list and uncheck the ones you don't - it's incredibly fast to build your league rules - then print them for your players - or send them a message telling them to go view the rules area.
Poker Hand Calculator Curious about how your hand would have held up - this quick tool gives your the % of your hand against 4 other players
Poker Chip Calculator This poker chip calculator is extremely simple to use and easily takes the guessswork or counting of hundreds of chips a thing of the past. The best part is that it actually tells you how many chips you need! [Members Only Area]
Blinds Clock The Bluffspot Poker Blinds Clock is an important tool in any home poker game or tournament. It reflects an accurate measurement of time and alerts everyone when the blinds go up, forcing some players to act, go all in or sit tight. Whatever game play is chosen, the poker clock accurately reflects when the blinds should increase and often signal a new playing style. If you want to hear your custom sound and are a League Director, please send an email to let me know where the wav is and I will incorporate that sound and give your league credit by naming it after your league in the the drop down choices. [Members Only Area]
Poker Table Builder COMING SOON! You will be able to get all the directions for building your custom table - still programming this - it will be slick! [Members Only Area]
Lottery # System Need up to date lottery stats for Powerball, Super 7, Lotto 649 or Mega Millions? Here is the place to get the latest numbers and also get your lucky numbers. You can also input your numbers to see the percentage of times they have won in the past few years. [Members Only Area]
Bluffspot Poker Room Play poker online - RIGHT HERE! A Play-Money set of tables that allows you to play Texas Holldem against your friends, family or against other league members.[NOTE - We are currently seeking another server that has Zend Optimizer V3 - to speed this game up] [Members Only Area]

Upgrade Membership [THIS HAS BEEN TURNED OFF - ALL MEMBERS NOW PREMIER AND FREE - ENJOY!] Upgrade your membership today and get all the benefits of Premier Membership. At only 16 per day, you can run an entire league plus have the added bonus of playing online right here! If you had 10 people in your league and split the difference... thats only 1.6 per day. Less than 2 cents a day!
My Profile Edit your profile here - change your name, address, or password
My Leagues A list of the leagues you have membership in
Create LeaguesStart your own FREE league and become the league manager - invite friends and family to join your league
Join Leagues Have you found a league you wish to join - send the league manager a note asking for membership
My Messages Your own private message area to communicate with other players within Bluffspot
My Bankroll Manage your bankroll here - stay on top - not upside down
My Photo A place to put your photo - limit to 100x100 and max 50k in size

A Premier Member has all the features of a Free Member plus the following:
My Profile Edit your profile here - change your name, address, or password
My League A list of the leagues you have membership in
Create League Start your own FREE league and become the league manager - invite friends and family to join your league
Join League Search for a league in your area - Clicking on the league info will bring you to their page. If you wish to join the league write your message in the Membership Request box and then click on the "Request Membership" button
My Messages This will bring up any messages posted for you and what message you have sent
My Bankroll This area lists your running total - if for example your league played a tournament and there was a $20 buy in -it then starts to calculate your "Return on Investment" (ROI) - so if you win the tourney and take home $100 - your bankroll will increase as well as your bankroll. This information also figures in to your standings in the league and all across the board for Bluffspot. If you are one of the top 3 players your nickname will appear on the very top!
My Photo A place to upload your photo - limit to 100x100 and max 50k in size
League Info This area lists all of the info for your league. It will list the number of players, the league City, the league Country, creation Date, the lleague image and a link to the league home
League Home The league Home area is where you will find News posted by your league director - your league director can also post polls there as well -
League Rules This si the place where all of your league rules are kept. If you are the director of the league you will see all of your rules plus additional ones under "Available League Rules" - Its on this page where you can add, delete or edit your leagues rules with the click of your mouse.
Game Rules Game rules are much like league rules in that they are used for the league - but they are more for the "conduct" of the league members. Same as League rules - point and click to add, edit or remove
Members As the league director you have the option here to make someone else the administrator, remove a member and add a member that has applied.
Message Board The Message Board is the place to post messages and to read new ones by members. This is a great way to keep in toucvh with your league prior to tourneys
Leader Board If your league has held tourneys then the scores for those games will go here - listing the winner first and so on.
Events Only a league director can schedule a tournament or ring game. If a new Tournament simply click the New Tournament button and you will be taken to another screen to begin filling out the necessary info. You are able to name your tourney (Tourney One, First Game, Season Opener, etc) and then fill out the time of the tourney, the date, where it is being held the Buy In, How Mnay seats are available (this motivates players to opt in), any details and then gives you the option to email everyone, post in the news sectionor reserve your seat
League Edit It is here you can change the name of your league, city, state, country, currency, details and image.
League NewsThis is the location to post all of your league news. Have something to sell, game moved to another location - post it here!
League Polls This is the area to post your league polls. Think you need to vote on new rules - or maybe you want to raise the buy-in - here is the place to post a poll to get feedback from your league.
NotesThis section was included to write down info about anything. Maybe it was about how players worked the table, or something you noticed about Big Jim...maybe his left eye blinks crazy when he's bluffing - here is your place to keep notes on those players
Card Room The cardroom is the place you host your games. Whether its Mikes House - or The Downtown Bar - name your locations here so that when you create a new tourney or game it will be available in that field
Email ListEmail lists can be used when sending out email communications to your league members: league news, event invitations, event reminders, etc

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