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Bluffspot Poker Blog
3/06/2009     THE BOOK IS COMPLETE

Whew! I finally got the book completed. Not to say I probably won't add more to it down the road - but it is complete! All League Directors simply email me and I will send you a copy of the book at no charge. Registered Members I have placed a link for you to get the book at 1/2 price.

For those of you reading this and haven't registered you have no idea whats in store for the coming year and what is already pre-built for your use - tons of freebies are coming our way. I bought up a bunch of sites the past couple of months and am slowly getting them in line. I have also lined up with a card maker and will be getting the Bluffspot Donkey printed on them. Any member who wants a deck simply pay for the shipping and I'll send it your way (more on this in the next post). I will need accurate addresses for shipping.

I got the cron job fixed so the updates will be posting regularly now so we can see what league is winning and what players are posting. It appears Tombstone has been leading for quite some time now... any competition? How about you Heartland?

Okay Ladies and Gents - off to a tourney - Cheers! Nick

2/04/2009     A Deck of Cards For Valentines Day?

Dont Do It! I know the urge is there but remember the "new mop" gift? Bets thing I did was discover I can send my wife to a spa for a few hours and it's less than $100. Ahhh... peace and quiet, and poker! For the ladies reading this, flip that around and send your man to get the skates sharpened, or send him out to get you a certificate for the spa...Seriously though - enjoy the night and I hope and wish for everyone who needs one can find a babysitter. Guys, if its been a while - get your lady off the porch and into a "real" dining establishment!

As for Bluffspot, we are growing pretty rapidly. I recently bought up a bunch of domains and have already supplied them with forwards so the traffic has been growing. Although Google sees this as a gambling site (how I have no idea) so we aren't getting the ranking as we should - although a PR1 - our traffic is pretty large. So, use the new tell-a-friend button and get some people started in your league. Cheers! Nick

As for that deck of cards - some of you may or may not know - but you can buy a good deck of cards from any casino for usually 50 cents. I get mine at OLG. One of the corners is cut but the cards are in very good shape.

1/02/2009     Happy New Year to All!

Howdy all - Quick note to wish all of our members a happy new year. I am working on getting more freebie items so look for those soon in and around the site! Cheers!

12/07/2008     A real FREE for ALL!

Howdy all - as most of you know I made the site free for a while and have decided to keep it that way. I need to build up the players and the leagues to really get this off the ground. My dream of seeing leagues not only play and have a great host, but to also have them compete against each other is almost a reality. I have discovered my illustrious host will not support ZEND 3.3 so I will be moving the poker tables (bluffspotpoker) to another host. We will still be able to access it form here - it will just run more smoothly. The speed was pitiful and really needs that engine. It should not be too long, I need a host that supports Zend 3.3 - if any of you out there knows of a good one, please drop me a line.

With winter upon us it tends to create more people so if you can abstain, play poker instead. If necessary, think of Mike the Mouth, that always kills the mood, and a few LCD panels (please refrain from punching your monitor, Mike won't feel it - I know I have tried)

I had a league member ask me why I didn't have a huge set of rules, or something for beginners on the site. Well, we do have a huge league rule listing section, and you can edit them and add them as you wish. Look for it in the "League Rules" section. You can easily just click a checkbox to add or delete rules on the fly. I would build some help files for newbies but items like that take forever and I would rather spend my time building better applications for the leagues. If you are a beginning poker player, welcome, and if you need assistance, I suggest you buy the only book necessary for tournament play: "Kill Phil" by Rodman|Nelson . That ought to cover a lot of things. In the meantime, a help file is being built as is the FAQ section. This will be large and has been quite the undertaking.

Until next time, have a happy holiday and be safe. We need more poker players! As always, any questions, concerns or comments feel free to drop us a line! We will be installing a new help file and FAQ section so look for that in the coming week.

Look for me online under the name bluffspot, I can usually be found playing most tournaments and of course all the freerolls. And as always, "I see donkeys".

9/02/2008     HELLO WORLD!

After a considerable amount of testing we are alive! Come check it out - the only poker league management site with a card room! Now, it has been running a tad slow - we are in the process of updating the optimizer for our code, so bear with us. But the other applications are running flawlessly! Any questions, concerns or comments feel free to drop us a line!

We also signed up for a few cardtables (website names withheld) under the name bluffspot, and can usually be found playing most tournaments and of course all the freerolls.

8/08/2008     Wait for it....wait for it... WE ARE ALMOST THERE!

Hello all, whew, the major coding is almost complete, the last bits of copy are being placed and written. I have been writing articles like crazy and the submission.... let me just say that we have some dedicated people out there telling the world about this site. We have had quite a bit of activity in the membership section and I have opted to make August 2008 FREE for anyone who happens upon the site and requests Premier Membership. We have had people pay, those of you who did have been refunded...still shaking our heads on that one. But...we would like to invite you to poker at our place....bring cash!

The Bluffspot Card Room: Yep - it is almost here. We can hardly wait. Soon we will be able to play right here at the site! I have been coding day and night and have finally slimmed down the bandwidth to play to about 4 meg per person. Our server was a tad upset the last time we "tested".

Advertising - I have been bombarded with emails about advertising on the site. Here are a few rules for even placing an email about this:
Rule #1: We will not post "adult" material (although we like free samples)
Rule #2: It must have something to do with P-O-K-E-R -( you would be surprised by some ads we receive)
Rule #3: Your product or service must be REAL! (no joke - we check to make sure your not phishing)

We will soon be removing the free floating ads of our affiliates and replacing them with purchased advertisements. There are 7 positions on the rightbar and 5 positions on the leftbar. What we will also be offering is our sponsors page and the sponsors drop down fields viewable by all persons entering the site.

With that being said, our Premier Members receive no advertising on the site. When they come to monitor or edit their league, we don't bombard them with advertisments. But... our cardroom is about to come online and here is where you may place ads. We have 14 spots (7 on either side) of the table. 2 of the spots on the right have been purchased already leaving the whole left bar and 5 positions on the rightbar. Each spot is 120X60.

We will be accepting applications for ad placement directly on the table.

Please Contact Nick for pricing and to answer any questions you may have.

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